Oberlin PPGen Action: March. Vote. Win. 2018 Canvass


Saturday, October 13th


11:00 AM - 3:00 PM


Oberlin City Hall
85 S Main St
OH 44074
Since November 2016, we've worked together to defeat attacks against our health, rights, and communities. Now it's time to hold politicians accountable and elect leaders who will fight with us. It's up to us to take back the power from those who are intent on dividing us.  This midterm election is a turning point for Ohio, determining the future of women's rights in our state and whether Planned Parenthood health centers will keep their doors open and provide reproductive health services, education, and access to safe, legal abortion. Between now and November 6th we're knocking on doors and making phone calls to make sure champions of reproductive health and rights win up and down the ballot in 2018!   Training, snacks, swag, and community will be provided!
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